Ulya Stuzhuk’s Drawings in 2024

Let me say you something about Ulya Stuzhuk…

Dive into the enchanting world of Ulya Stuzhuk‘s latest Procreate masterpiece! 🎨✨ Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing details of her new Reels drawing, brought to life on the iPad. Discover the magic behind the art and get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look on my blog. 🌟

Ulya Stuzhuk Drawings

I guess there is no one who doesn’t know about Ulya Stuzhuk 🙂 If there is, I talked about Ulya Stuzhuk a little bit in my previous article! Here is the link: https://artcoolz.com/digital-artist-ulya-stuzhuk.html

He does digital drawings. And it works wonders! You might think your drawings are real. This is a job of talent. She is one of the artists I enjoy sharing on my Pinterest page! By the way, speaking of Pinterest, don’t forget to follow me. Here is my Pinterest link: https://www.pinterest.com/artcoolzblog

For those of you who don’t know, the name of the Drawing application Ulya Stuzhuk uses is “Procreate”. Procreate is an iPad app. If you have an Apple Pencil, you can make digital art like Ulya Stuzhuk!

Also, don’t forget to follow Ulya Stuzhuk’s instagram account and visit her website! You can find information about the drawing brushes Ulya Stuzhuk uses here: https://ulyastuzhuk.gumroad.com/ Here is Ulya Stuzhuk’s instagram address: https://www.instagram.com/ylanast/

Don’t you think it’s great that he can draw a curly-haired woman so clearly and well? Continue…

Have you ever thought that white hair can look so good on a woman? As both real and digital drawing!

A famous woman… Or just a woman. Which one do you think is real? Don’t forget to write in the comments!

Do you think the reason for these hard looks is the drawing or is it like that in reality?

If a rabbit can be drawn so realistically, anything can be drawn! Check out the details of those feathers!

What if you were a digital drawing character in real life too? Would you like this? The transition of smooth and flawless color tones is a testament to Ulya Stuzhuk’s talent.

Hmm. Ulya, who does hair drawing so well, does a great job without drawing hair this time! Th Rock is here!

Have you ever added freckles to your face while drawing? How realistic and professional it looks!

I remember this woman from somewhere, but… She is so realistic that it is impossible not to recognize her!

Which view impressed you the most? It takes a lot of talent to change the look in the original photo so much!

Jinx…? Is not her? Do you like it? Write in the comments 🙂

Hey. Spiderman’s favorite woman is also here 🙂

Alvin? Are you? How nice to see you so sweet Alvin! But you are very realistic. It’s kind of scary 🙂

Look at this! The looks and emotion in the original are not in the digital drawing! It’s been changed a lot and looks like it’s really as good as the original! It’s the same person but everything is different!

Another Jinx 🙂

No more… Not that much! the transitions are so smooth!

Sorry, who are you? She really looks like someone 🙂

I love the lip details. So, you ?

That’s what I call drawing exactly the same!

It really takes skill to draw hair braids in such detail and vitality! You are really very talented Ulya Stuzhuk!

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While surfing the internet, I saw a lot of amateur and intermediate drawing people like me. And then I thought, why don’t I start a blog? So I could help myself and people who are drawing!
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  1. Hey, I just wanted to know what brushes you use on procreate. I’ve seen some of you are on Pinterest and I think it’s super amazing. Are the brushes like custom created by you or did you buy them or are they on the app as well?

  2. That is the computers art not yours. It’s sad when people learn a program. And then they think they have artistic ability and talent when that’s far from the case. Any one can learn a program. Not everyone has artistic abilities and talent. Not sorry. You said it your self in the article “anyone can make the photos her computer made”. Not every one is an artist it’s not like participation trophy. And I could be wrong about this woman. But the situation is fact and happens everyday it’s really sad.

    • You know this is the truth. Moderate this is telling who you are and what side your on as artists fight this non talent computers art..

    • Your thoughts intrigued me. At first I couldn’t decide how to respond. I have to think about it. Art and digital art can really be two different things.

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