How to Draw Bangs? Full Guide *2024

To draw bangs, you can follow the guide below. There are many ways to draw bangs on a boy and a girl. You should check our guide article. Enjoy your time while drawing bangs!

How to Draw Bangs on a Boy?

If you’re trying to draw a boy with bangs, you’ve come to the right place. Drawing bangs on a boy is much different than drawing bangs on a girl. Boys have different jaw lines and head shapes. Especially if you’re drawing an anime or cartoon character with flowing hair, it is important to understand how to draw bangs on a boy.

How To Draw Anime Bangs?

The first step to drawing anime bangs is to understand their shapes. They can vary considerably depending on how the hair is lit. You can use the same technique to draw pigtails. Using light and dark pencils, draw the shapes in different areas of the head, from top to bottom. Once you have figured out what you want to draw, you need to make the bangs. 

  • 1. First, you should draw a circle on the paper.
  • 2. Draw two lines on each side from the center to the bottom of the circle.
  • 3. After you have completed these two lines, add a third line and mark the place where the bangs will part.
  • 4. After that, add the left side bangs by adding inverted tear shapes.
  • 5. You can add the last wing on the left side next to the left ear.

The hairstyles in anime are often springy and feature similar coils at the top and bottom. Many of them also have cute bows on the ties. In addition, you should also follow the curve of the head. This will help you create a hairstyle that looks as realistic as possible.

How To Draw Curtain Bangs?

A curtain bang is a hairstyle that frames your face. Before drawing curtain bangs, you should first determine the angle of your part. If your part is deep, you can use a rattail comb to create a downward slanting part. This will create the illusion of a curtain bang.

Curtain bangs can be short or long and can be styled to fit your face shape. Using a curtain bang can give your face an elongated, broader look at the cheeks. They can also add softness to your look, drawing attention to your face and facial features. But remember to match your bangs with the rest of your hairstyle.

For the best look, curtain bangs should be soft and fluffy. The shading must be thick and soft, and the shape should be rounded and curved. It is best to use a blending stump if you want to create a soft fringe on the ends of the bangs.

How To Draw Curtain Bangs?

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How do you draw a fringe step by step?

Whether you want to draw your fringe or get inspiration from another person’s hairstyle, there are many steps to creating a realistic-looking fringe. First, you’ll need to understand the shape of a human skull, as not all head shapes will look the same with the same hairstyle. Then, study your subject’s hair, including how it falls to create volume. Even short hair falls into this category.

After you’ve created a basic sketch of a person’s head, you’ll need to draw in the rest of the fringe. For this type of hairstyle, you’ll need to apply several layers of softness and shading to achieve the realistic look you’re trying to create. Also, make sure you think about the direction that the model’s head faces.

Also, we have a video tutorial about how to draw bangs.

How do you draw a fringe step by step?

  • 1. Take a piece of paper and draw a simple line.
  • 2. Then, draw another line some distance away from the first one.
  • 3. This is your fringe step. Make sure to keep the two lines parallel.
  • 4. Now, take another piece of paper and make a new fringe step, but make the line much longer than the first one this time.

How do you draw girls’ hair with bangs?

There are a few ways to draw a girl’s hair with bangs. One way is to use a brush or other object to stroke the hair in a pattern that looks like waves. Another way is to use your fingers and thumb to weave a series of small lobes through the hair. Finally, you can use your fingers and thumbs to form small locks in the hair.

How do you draw fringe hair?

When drawing bangs, always start with the center of the bang and work your way out. To make a perfect Bang, use a light pencil and create a thin line from the top of your head to the bottom of your ribcage. Use this line as a guide to form your bang shape.

How do you draw hair for beginners?

When you are starting out, it can be helpful to draw your hair simplistically. This will make it easier to create realistic and accurate results. For example, if you want to draw bangs on the front of your head, start by drawing one long line down the center of your forehead and then Draw two smaller lines next to each other, meeting at the top of your head. From here, use a simple brush or pointer to move the hair around in all directions, creating a realistic look for your bangs.


In conclusion, drawing bangs can be fun and easy. Follow the guide below and you will have great results! You can check our Art Profile on Pinterest. There are many videos about drawing and illustration.

Also don’t forget to check Sam Yang’s page to learn more about Procreate and Digital Drawings.

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