Sacred Geometry Tattoo & Sacred Heart Tattoo / 75+ Ideas

Sacred geometry tattoos have gained popularity in the tattoo world for their mesmerising geometric shapes and deep symbolic meaning. These tattoos are a powerful way for people to connect with universal truths and express their spiritual beliefs through art.

In this article we will explore the fascinating history, deep symbolism and popular designs of sacred geometry tattoos. We will also provide helpful advice on choosing and caring for these unique tattoos.

In the last part of the article, you can see the sacred geometric tattoo design examples.

A tattoo artist is applying a sacred geometry tattoo to a man
Source : ‘Inked’ channel on Youtube

The Ancient Origins of Sacred Geometry Tattoos

People have revered Sacred Geometry tattoos since ancient times. They have roots in different cultures throughout history. Here are a few examples:


In Hindu and Buddhist traditions, Mandalas are intricate geometric representations of the universe. They hold deep spiritual significance and are used in meditation and spiritual practice.

Sacred Geometric Symbols

Symbols like the Flower of Life, Metatron’s Cube, and Sri Yantra have been significant in various ancient civilizations. These symbols carry great spiritual relevance and are often incorporated into sacred rituals and practices.

The ancient origins of sacred geometry tattoos span across cultures and civilizations, showcasing the universal appeal and timeless significance of these geometric patterns.

A tattoo artist is applying a sacred geometric tattoo design to a man's arm
Source : ‘Inked’ channel on Youtube

Symbolic Power: Meaning Behind Geometric Shapes in Sacred Geometry Tattoos

Geometric shapes hold deep-rooted symbolism in sacred geometry tattoos. Each shape carries its own unique meaning and significance, allowing individuals to express their spirituality through art. Let’s explore the symbolic power behind some of the most commonly used geometric shapes in these tattoos:


Circles are often associated with wholeness, eternity, and divine energy. They represent unity and perfection, reminding us of the interconnectedness of all things. The circular shape is frequently used as a symbol for the universe or the cycle of life and death.


Triangles embody a symbolic duality. They can represent balance, creativity, or the union of mind, body, and spirit. In sacred geometry tattoos, upward-pointing triangles are often associated with masculine energy and fire, while downward-pointing triangles symbolize femininity and water.

Star of David

The Star of David holds great significance in Judaism. This six-pointed star is formed by two interlocking triangles, representing the harmonious union of opposing forces. It combines the elements of fire (upward-pointing triangle) and water (downward-pointing triangle), symbolizing the balance and harmony within the universe.


Spirals have a rich spiritual history across various cultures. They signify evolution, journeying, or the cyclical nature of life. The Fibonacci spiral, derived from the Fibonacci sequence found in nature, represents growth and expansion. Spirals can also represent energy flow or spiritual awakening.


Hexagons symbolize balance and stability. This shape is often associated with nature and its inherent structures. Hexagonal patterns can be found in beehives, crystals, and snowflakes—an embodiment of perfect symmetry within the natural world.

Tattoo artists play a crucial role in incorporating these geometric shapes into meaningful designs. They work closely with individuals to understand their spiritual beliefs and personal experiences, creating tattoos that reflect their unique journey.

By understanding the symbolism behind each shape, individuals can choose designs that resonate with their spiritual path and convey their inner truths through sacred geometry tattoos.

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A sacred tattoo design is applied on arm
Source : ‘Inked’ channel on Youtube

Sacred geometry tattoos are not only visually captivating but also hold deep symbolic meanings. Here are two popular sacred geometry tattoo designs that have inspired countless individuals:

1. Seed of Life

This design features seven interlocking circles, which form a hexagonal pattern. It is considered a powerful symbol representing the interconnectedness of all life and the six days of creation. The Seed of Life is often associated with fertility, rejuvenation, and the fundamental patterns of existence.

2. Cube of Metatron

Also known as Metatron’s Cube, this complex geometric figure comprises 13 equal circles and lines connecting their centers. It is believed to contain the five Platonic solids within its structure, symbolizing the underlying patterns of creation and the interconnectedness of all life. The Cube of Metatron is associated with spiritual protection, balance, and the harmonious integration of opposites.

These designs not only showcase the intricacy and beauty of sacred geometry but also carry profound meanings that resonate with individuals on a spiritual level. Whether inked in Chicago or any other part of the world, these tattoos serve as powerful expressions of universal truths and personal beliefs.

A tattoo artist is creating a new sacred tattoo design on ipad
Source : ‘Inked’ channel on Youtube

Choosing a Meaningful Sacred Geometry Tattoo Design

When it comes to getting a sacred geometry tattoo, there’s more to consider than just how it looks. The right design should resonate with your personal journey and spiritual beliefs. Here are some tips to help you find a meaningful sacred geometry tattoo:

1. Research Different Symbols

Take some time to learn about the symbolism behind various geometric shapes and patterns. Each shape carries its own unique energy and meaning. For instance:

  • Circles represent unity and wholeness.
  • Triangles symbolize balance and creativity.
  • Spirals signify growth and transformation.

By understanding these meanings, you can choose a design that aligns with your intentions and resonates with you on a deeper level.

2. Reflect on Your Experiences and Beliefs

Think about your own life experiences and spiritual beliefs. Are there particular aspects of sacred geometry that resonate with you? Do certain symbols or shapes hold personal significance? By reflecting on your own journey, you can discover a design that truly speaks to your soul.

3. Collaborate with a Skilled Tattoo Artist

Once you have an idea of what you want, it’s essential to find a talented tattoo artist who specializes in sacred geometry designs. They will be able to understand your vision and bring it to life with precision and attention to detail.

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4. Create a Truly Unique Piece of Art

One of the great things about sacred geometry tattoos is their versatility. There are countless ways to customize them:

  • Combine different shapes to create a design that is uniquely yours.
  • Incorporate elements from nature or other symbols that hold meaning for you.
  • Add colors to enhance the overall aesthetic and symbolism of the tattoo.

By working closely with your tattoo artist, you can co-create a piece of art that is not only visually stunning but also deeply meaningful to you.

Remember, choosing a sacred geometry tattoo is a personal journey. Take your time, explore different options, and trust your instincts. The end result will be a powerful symbol that not only looks beautiful but also holds profound significance for you.

There is a sacred tattoo design on a hand of a man. He is waiting for applying.
Source : ‘Inked’ channel on Youtube

Sacred Geometry Tattoos: A Sacred Commitment to Self-Care

Caring for Your Sacred Geometry Tattoo

Sacred geometry tattoos are not just ink on skin; they are powerful symbols that require special care to maintain their vibrancy and energy connection. Proper aftercare is essential in preserving the intricate details and ensuring a long-lasting relationship with your tattoo.

Practical Tips for Optimal Healing

To keep your sacred geometry tattoo looking its best, follow these practical tips:

  1. Diligent Cleaning Routine: Gently clean the tattooed area with mild, fragrance-free soap and lukewarm water. Pat it dry with a clean towel, being careful not to rub or irritate the tattoo.
  2. Protect from Sun Exposure: Shield your tattoo from direct sunlight, especially during the healing process. UV rays can fade the colors and intricate lines of your sacred geometry tattoo.

By following these self-care practices, you can honor the sacred commitment of your tattoo while ensuring it remains a vibrant expression of universal harmony.

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On a hand a sacred tattoo design is applied.
Source : ‘Inked’ channel on Youtube

Sacred geometry triangle meaning

The sacred geometry triangle holds symbolic significance, representing balance, harmony, and the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit in various spiritual and mystical traditions.

Expressing Universal Harmony: Sacred Geometry Tattoos in Modern Society

The ancient practice of sacred geometry has found a contemporary appreciation in the modern world. Beyond its ancient roots, sacred geometry tattoos have become increasingly popular for their striking designs and profound symbolism. These tattoos are not just a form of body art; they serve as powerful reminders of our interconnectedness and can spark meaningful conversations about universal harmony.

Here are some key points to consider:

Fascination with Sacred Geometry

There is an ongoing fascination with sacred geometry in modern society. This can be seen in various forms of art, architecture, and popular culture. Artists and designers often incorporate geometric patterns and shapes inspired by sacred geometry into their work, creating visually stunning pieces that resonate with people on a deeper level.

Tattoos as Personal Expression

Tattoos have long been a form of personal expression, allowing individuals to showcase their beliefs, values, and experiences. Sacred geometry tattoos take this to another level, as they not only reflect personal journeys but also tap into universal truths and spiritual beliefs. These intricate designs become a canvas for self-expression and a way to connect with something greater than ourselves.

Conversation Starters

Sacred geometry tattoos can serve as powerful conversation starters. When someone sees a striking geometric design on your skin, it’s natural for them to be curious about its meaning and significance. This opens up an opportunity for you to share your beliefs, experiences, and the deeper symbolism behind your tattoo. It can lead to thought-provoking discussions about spirituality, interconnectedness, and the beauty of the universe.

Sacred geometry tattoos are more than just aesthetically pleasing designs on the body; they carry profound meaning and serve as a constant reminder of our place in the grand scheme of things. Whether it’s through art, architecture, or personal expression, the appreciation for sacred geometry continues to grow in modern society.

A man is showing his hand to a tattoo artist for applying the tattoo.
Source : ‘Inked’ channel on Youtube

The Sacred Within: Embodied Spirituality Through Sacred Geometry Tattoos

Getting a sacred geometry tattoo goes beyond simply having a beautiful design on your body. It can be a transformative experience that allows individuals to embody spiritual principles and carry them in their everyday lives. Here, we will explore how these tattoos are more than just ink on the skin, but rather a powerful tool for self-discovery and sacred embodiment.

Sometimes it can be named “Sacred g tattoos” by people.

Approaching the Process with Intention

When it comes to getting a sacred geometry tattoo, it’s important to approach the process with intention, mindfulness, and respect for the ancient wisdom encapsulated in these timeless symbols. Here are some key points to consider:

1. Self-Discovery

Sacred geometry tattoos can serve as a powerful tool for self-discovery. By choosing a design that resonates with your personal journey and spiritual path, you are able to connect with deeper aspects of yourself. These tattoos can act as reminders of your values, beliefs, and aspirations, helping you stay aligned with your true essence.

2. Embodied Spirituality

One of the unique aspects of sacred geometry tattoos is their ability to embody spiritual principles and bring them into physical form. The symbols and patterns used in these tattoos represent universal truths and cosmic harmony. By adorning your body with these sacred designs, you bring those principles into your physical being, allowing them to guide your actions and mindset.

3. Mindful Creation

When getting a sacred geometry tattoo, it’s important to work with a skilled tattoo artist who understands the symbolism behind the design. Collaborate with them to create a piece of art that not only looks visually stunning but also carries deep meaning for you. Take the time to research different symbols and their significance before making a decision.

4. Daily Reminders

Once you have your sacred geometry tattoo, it becomes a constant reminder of the spiritual principles you hold dear. Whether it’s placed on your wrist, forearm, or any other visible area, you can glance at it throughout the day and reconnect with the sacredness within yourself. It serves as a personal talisman, grounding you in your spiritual journey.

Remember, getting a sacred geometry tattoo is a deeply personal experience. It’s a way to express your beliefs and connect with the universal truths that resonate with your soul. Approach the process with reverence, and allow these sacred symbols to guide you on your path of self-discovery and embodied spirituality.

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Sacred Heart Tattoo Designs

Unlock the magic of the Sacred Heart Tattoo, a timeless symbol that speaks volumes without uttering a single word.

Imagine a heart surrounded by radiant flames, symbolizing love, passion, and divine connection.

The Sacred Heart Tattoo holds a secret language, whispering tales of devotion and spirituality.

As you delve into the captivating world of Sacred Heart ink, you’ll discover a myriad of designs that tell unique stories. From intricate patterns to vibrant colors, each tattoo is a masterpiece waiting to be unveiled.

Dive into the enchanting realm of this timeless emblem, and let its visual poetry resonate with your soul.

Below you can see 31+ sacred heart tattoos. If you want to see more, please comment. Don’t forget to share us!

All photos below were taken by this youtube channel: outsons

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sacred heart tattoo on woman's back
sacred heart tattoo idea on woman's leg
Sacred heart tattoo example for woman.
Sacred heart tattoo example for forearm.
Sacred heart tattoo example for men
Sacred heart tattoo design for man and woman
Sacred heart tattoo studio design example
Black and white Sacred heart tattoo design example
Two Sacred heart tattoo design example
A Sacred heart tattoo design example
Sacred heart tattoo example for back of leg
Sacred heart tattoo design example for mans leg
Sacred heart tattoo design example for womans leg
Sacred heart tattoo studio
Sacred heart tattoo design example for womans chest
Sacred heart tattoo
Red Sacred heart tattoo example
Sacred heart tattoo design example for hand
Sacred heart tattoo design example for woman
A real Sacred heart tattoo design on man with name "teo"
Sacred heart tattoo design but in black and white
A big Sacred heart tattoo design
Sacred heart tattoo geometric design with colors red, yellow and black
Two Sacred heart tattoo design idea
Sacred heart tattoo ideas for women
Sacred heart tattoo ideas for men
Sacred heart tattoo design ideas for women and men
Inspiring Sacred heart tattoo ideas
Sacred heart tattoo ideas with heart
Geometric Sacred heart tattoo ideas
Geometry Sacred heart tattoo idea
Sacred geometry tatto with heart
Sacred heart tattoo idea ona a hand

Sacred Geometry Tattoo Examples / Ideas

Below you can see 40+ sacred geometry tattoos. These tattoos were taken by artist’s instagram pages that you can reach below each photos.

A black and white wolf head with a flower geometric tattoo
A drawing of a tiger tattoo
A lion head with triangles
A tattoo on a person's arm - geometry tattoo
A tattoo on a person's arm geometric tattoo
A tattoo on a person's arm, geometric tattoo style
A sacred geometric tattoo on the arm
A woman with a geometric tattoo on her back
A back of a woman with a geometric tattoo on her back
A back of a person with a tattoo
A back of a person with a sacred geometric tattoo
A back of a person with a sacred geometric tattoo idea
A back of a person with a geometry tattoo
sacred geometric tattoo idea for women
Ethereal Geometric Ink: Unveiling Sacred Geometry Tattoos
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sacred geometry tattoo design on back of a man
Source Link : xsonseven
divine spirit sacred geometry tattoo design example on arm
Source Link : xsonseven
Sacred geometry tattoo on a man's back
Source Link : gab7sz
Sacred geometric tattoo on back
Source Link : raphafons
Sacred Geometry tattoo example on a man
Source Link : weschetattoo
Sacred geometry tattoo trend example of a man back
Source Link : xsonseven
sacred geometry tattoo design on for arm
Source Link : raphafons
sacred geometry tattoo design example
Source Link : raphafons
sacred tattoo design 2024
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a sacred geometry tattoo design example from an artist
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a sacred geometry tattoo design on hand and arm
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geometric tattoo design
Source Link : n.e.e.n.o
sacred geometry tattoo design on leg
Source Link : n.e.e.n.o
geometric tattoo design on arm
Source Link : jakalbtattoo
New sacred tattoo design from jakabtattoo
Source Link : jakabtattoo
Arm sacred geometric tattoo design
Source Link :
Sacred geometric tattoo example on leg
Source Link : tommbirchtattoo
sacred geometric tattoo deisgn forarm
Source Link : nissaco
feminine sacred geometry tattoo
Source Link : shubeytattoos
sacred geometry tattoo pattern circle design
Source Link : nissaco
sacred geometry tattoo art studio
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Sacred sleeve tattoo design
Source Link : weschetattoo
sacred geometry angeles tattoo arm elbow
Source Link : weschetattoo
sacred tattoo design art, on arm, geometric heart tattoo
Source Link :
Sacred geometric tattoo hand design art
Source Link :
sleeve sacred tattoo design
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Sacred geometry tattoo design studio
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sacred tattoo design photos from an art studio
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