Digital Artist: Ulya Stuzhuk

Ulya Stuzhuk is another digital artist who draws with iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. She’s drawing on the tablet. And she made her art work. She sells the brushes she uses. She also produces content on the yotube channel she.

When we look at herdrawings, we see that she draws very realistically. We cannot even distinguish the photos from the original. This is what comes up with the drawing ability combined with the iPad pro. iPad Pro and Illustrators work like one body. Ulya Stuzkuk uses the Procreate application for herdrawings. Procreate drawing application is very popular. All digital artists I’ve seen so far use this app.

Why iPad Pro + Apple Pencil and Procreate?

The reason is obvious. This application offers all the features Adobe Photoshop has to offer. And it also includes extra drawing features for digitally drawing artists. You can check the website to buy the brushes Ulya Stuzkuk uses. You can also follow the Instagram and youtube account from the links below!

I will continue to share Baharay and the artists I have found. Take care of yourselves!

Artist’s Instagram: @ylanast
Artist’s Website
Artist’s Youtube Channel

illustration by Ulya Stuzhuk
Ulya Stuzhuk
Ulya Stuzhuk
Ulya Stuzhuk

Also a video from Ulya Stuzhuk’s Youtube Channer

YouTube video

I am very curious about your thoughts too. Do you also draw digitally? Or do you use traditional methods of paper and pencil? I would be very happy if you mention them in the comments section below!

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