Shrimp Boats For Sale – ✔️ 11+ Features

Buying Shrimp Boats has been a favorite activity for boat lovers lately. In this article, we will explain how you can buy a Shrimp Boat.

For over a hundred years now, strippers in the southeast US have been catching shrimp using basically the same kind of net they always have. Even so very few people really now how a shrimp boat works even fewer have ever seen on in action.

That’s probably why we get asked so often How does a Shrimp Boat work? How to shrimping.

Shrimp fishing is a culture. Well, here is your answer in live action and living culture.

Images of Shrimp Boat for Sale

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Features of This Shrimp Boat For Sale Advert

Dimensions: L.O.A. – 57’ x 18’ x  4.5’
Built Year1988
DesignIce Shrimp Trawler
Engine8V71 Detroit Diesel  (500 HRS)
Generator21 KW (900) hrs. Phasor
Fish Hold150 Bxs 15,000 Lbs / Fuel – 1,500Gals. / Water –  700 Gals.
EquipmentAll USCG Necessary
ElectronicsNew: Auto Pilot, Compass, EPIRB.
MiscellaneousBottom paint 1/1/2020 new Propellar
Nets6 * 25

Price: 75000$ – 150000$

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Buy This Shrimp Boat – For Sale Information

Phone Number: 321.784.5982 (Contact East Coast Marine)

If you have more question about this shrimp boat, call the number of seller. We just share the details. You can get connact by seller with the phone number above.

How Does Work a Shrimp Boat?

Once the shrimp boat leaves the dock, the very first thing the crew does is the lower the outriggers. Just imagine how topsy-turvy a boat would be at sea with all that steel reaching so high into the air. But once they are down a shrimp boat is a stable and seaworthy as any boat out there.

The outriggers main purpose is to keep each side of the nets as far from the other side as possible, so they don’t get tangled up. But they also help keep the boat from rocking too much as well.

Once the outriggers are down the gear that holds the sides of the nets open which are called doors of lifted off the deck with a system of blocks and cables and hoisted into position out of the ends of the outriggers.

Those are the leg lines of the next you can see attache to the door. And well that’s right, the next thing is to prepare the nets which are first carefully unhooked and unfolded.

A shrimp net is a kind of bottom trawl a unique and very effective type of net that is towed through the water by a boat. Its shape can best be described as a flattened cone one of the long or flattened sides of the cone is weighted such as it skims across the bottom.

This is called the bottom line the other long or flat site is called the top line and is fitted with floats. So it will hold the top of the front end of the net up and open.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does shrimp boat cost?

Between 50.000$ and 150.000$.

How much does a shrimp boat make?

Average 75.000$.

How much fuel does a shrimp boat use?

Depends on engine specifications.

How many gallons of gas does a shrimp boat hold?

15 to 20,000 gallons.


As a result, you can buy a shrimp boat for between $75,000 and $150,000. We shared a Shrimp Boat ad with you. You can get the rest of the information by contacting the seller. Don’t forget to check out our site for more Shrimp boat sale ads.

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