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46+ Inspiring and Stylish Ideas for Choppy Bob Hairstyle

Many women fear short haircuts for life.Many of our colleagues also fall into this group.We have no explanation for this.Bob hairstyles, for example, have become so popular in recent years that they don’t need any introduction at all.They are chic, elegant and can be styled differently despite different opinions.Of course, there are also different styles of bob hairstyles – classic bob, long bob (lob), posh bob, baby bob and choppy bob.We want to dedicate this article in particular to the choppy bob.We really liked the playfulness and casualness of this cut.We hope that you can get enough inspiration for your next haircut from our gallery.New year, new hairstyle!

Xenia Adonts looks great with the Choppy Bob

xenia adonts style inspiration oversized pulli grüne tasche kurze blonde haare mit pony bob frisuren 2021 ideen und inspo

Is a bob easy to care for?

A bob fits all hair types and face shapes in most cases.However, there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a bob.

    • Face Shape: A lob, meaning a long bob, is best for people with square or long faces.To soften the face, go for shorter layers on the front.This is a very easy-care style that goes well with hair with natural movement.
    • After washing, you can apply a mousse and let the hair dry naturally.
    • To keep the choppy cut nice, You should have your hair cut every 3-6 weeks.
    • Wash your hair more often.Shorter hairstyles require more washing than longer ones because they get greasy much faster.You don’t necessarily have to wash your hair every day, but unfortunately, short hairstyles go limp quickly.
    • Invest in a moisturizing mask so your hair doesn’t get too dry.

Can I wear a bob?

With so many options, there is a bob that is right for everyone.The trick is to make sure the cut fits your face shape and compliments your features.

    • Heart Face Shape – A compliment to one of the top haircuts for heart shaped faces.While a traditional bob stops just below the chin, the lob is a bit longer.This is perfect as it softens the tightness of the jaw and accentuates the shoulders.People with this type of face should avoid a shorter bob.
    • Pear-Shaped Face – If you have this type of face, your jaw will be wider than your hairline.You look good on the long bob and the traditional bob.Talk to your barber about a bob that has a lot of volume.This shape can be achieved with a step cut and styling products.You can also ask for bangs as these make the forehead appear wider, which results in a more balanced shape.
    • Elongated face shape – Chin-length bobs are perfect for you in this case.They give the illusion of fullness and breadth.However, avoid bobs that are too short or too long, as these can make the face appear longer and disproportionate.Ask your barber about a chin-length cut.If your forehead is long, you can ask for bangs too.Bangs can create balance in the face by making the face appear shorter.
    • Square Face Shapes – If your face is square, consider softness when choosing your haircut.A cut with a lot of movement will soften the edges of the face.The cut should be just below the jaw. A graduated bob is also a great option.

Hairstyles Bob 2021

    • Rectangular face shape – If you have a rectangular face shape, you should avoid very short bobs.A medium-length bob with bangs will look better on you.
    • Triangular Face Shapes – This face shape is characterized by a wider forehead and narrower jaw.Shoulder-length bobs create the best looks.You can also wear this cut straight or wavy.In contrast to other bobs.
    • Oval face shapes – The great thing about this face type is that it is suitable for countless cuts.If you have an oval face shape, the choppy bob will look great on you.
    • Round Face Shapes – A slightly longer bob is a good choice for round faces.This helps to minimize the width of the face and create the illusion of a slender shape.Ponies and center partings are not recommended.An A-line bob or an inverted bob are also good options.Avoid volume on the sides.

Trend hairstyles Bob 2021

elegantes outfit weite schwarze hose und t shirt kurze braune haare trendfrisuren bob 2021 mit pony

What is a choppyBob?

First, let’s try to explain what Choppy Bob actually is.In contrast to the classic bob, the choppy bob is achieved with several structured levels.Adding choppy layers creates a textured bob that brings more movement and life to the hair.This results in a beachy, effortless and serene style.A bob with choppy layers is a great haircut for women with both thin and thick hair.The steps give the hair structure and shape without losing volume.You can also style this bob very easily and without much effort.

How do I style the choppy cut?

The styling is very simple.Be sure to apply heat protectant and a hazelnut-sized portion of hair mousse for extra hold before blow-drying.You can make the choppy cut wavy with a diffuser or smooth it with a round brush.Finally, use styling wax to highlight individual strands.Other tips you can follow are:

    • Apply hairspray to your hair.Comb them with your hands.Hairspray will add texture and volume to the hair.
    • Then blow dry your hair.You can also split it into sections to make it quicker.Don’t think too much about what it’s going to look like.The messier the better.
    • When you’ve blow-dried your hair, divide it back into sections.You can then either curl it or straighten it.
    • Finally, apply gel or other products to keep the hair untidy.

Inspiration fora beautiful bob hairstyle

französischer stil street style jeans weißes t shirt casual outfit frisuren 2021 frauen bob kurze blonde haare

bright colors in your hair

frau mit bunten haare blau und pink casual street style grüne jacke braune bluse choppy cut kurzhaarfrisuren ideen

Choppy Cut Inspiration

model foto schwarzes top tattoo am schulter choppy bob 2021 inspiration blonde haare

We really like this haircut

street style paris fashion week dame im weißen mantel kurze braune haare trendfrisuren bob 2021 inspo

Would you dare?

fashion shoot model mit braunen kurzen haaren schön geschminktes gesicht angezogen im schwarzen mantel raffinierte bob frisuren

Aimee Song does it before

aimee song kurze braune haare inspiration frisuren 2021 bob choppy schnitt weiße rollkragenbluse

A choppy bob with bangs looks great

moderne haarfarbe inspiration chippy cut balayage farbe kurze haare inspiration runde brillen

Layered bob hairstyles for womenHairstyles 2021

schwarze jacke mit pailetten elegantes casual outfit kurze blonde haare bob frisuren 2021 choppy haarschnitt

So classic, cool and casual

casual schwarzes top kruze schwarze haare choppy bob feines haar trendige frisuren 2021 inspo

Modern haircuts in Corona times

choppy bob 2021 dickes haar braune haare mit blonden strähnen dame mit munschutz braune bluse kurzhaarfrisuren blond ideen

Choppy Bob 2021 Inspiration

fashion shoot im park herbst outfit grauer mantel ocker kleid dame mit braunen haaren kurzhaarschnitte choppy bob 2021

Celebrities also love the cut

clemence poesy street style fashion week eleganter schwarzer anzug inspiration frisuren 2021 frauen bob kurze blonde haare

Stylish outfit and elegant hairstyle

street style xenia adonts blaue mini tasche braune bluse dame mit kurzen haaren choppy bob dünnes haar

The messier the better

dunkel braune kurze haare choppy bob dünnes haar inspiration kurzhaarfrisuren 2021 dame im weißen t shirt

Messy hair don’t care

street style inspiration schwarze jacke und t shirt kurze blonde haare gewellt trendfrisuren bob 2021

The cut also conquers dhe fashion world

fashion show haarfrisuren schwarz kurz mit pony raffinierte bob frisuren weißes kleid mit schwarzen ornamenten haarschnitte kurz

models know that this cut is cool

fashion week street style jourdan dunn denim kleid kurze schwarze haare frisuren 2021 frauen bob ideee und inspo

The choppy cut is a hit

influencerin xenia adonts blauer mantel street style kurze blonde haare gewellt choppy bob 2021 inspokaia gerber fashion week schwarzes kleid elegant kurze braune haare bob frisuren 2021 inspohaarinspiration kurze braune haare gewellt schwarze sonnenbrillen trendfrisuren bob 2021 choppy haarschnitt ideenkurze haare frisuren platinum blond choppy bob feines haar kruzhaarfrisuren 2021 coole inspiration minimalistisch geschminktes gesicht

Wavy hair looks so romantic

graues sweatshirt mit print hellblonde kurze haare choppy cut kurzhaarschnitte inspiration kurze haare bob ideenschwarz weißes foto fotoshooting model in einem trenchcoat kurzhaarfrisuren gewellt raffinierte bob frisureninspiration kurzhaarfrisuren blond mit strähnen frisuren 2021 bob ideen und inspo kurze haareweißes t shirt mit aufschrift kurzhaarfrisuren blond choppy bob feines haar kurze haare mit ponychoppy bob haarschnitt mit mittelscheitel model im weißen kleid fashion week fashion show kurze schwarze haare

The perfect hairstyle for summer

fashion week style graues kleid jourdan dunn mini sonnenbrillen kurze schwarze haare choppy bob 2021 inspirationlauren conrad kurzhaarschnitte inspiration blonde haare mit strähnen frisuren 2021 frauen bob schwarzes kleid elegantgrungy bob frisur kurze haarschnitte inspiration schwarze t shirt mit print frisuren bob 2021 dame mit schwarzen sonnenbrillen kurze blode haareschwarzes casual t shirt gestuft bob frisuren damen frisuren 2021 junge frau mit grauen haaren trendige haarfarbenelegante braune bluse mit pailetten choppy bob feines haar braune haar mit blonden strähnen gewellt

Simple and playful

elegante junge dame kurzhaarfrisuren blond choopy cut haarschnitt inspiration schwarze sonnenbrillenkurze gewellte haare kurzhaarschnitte ideen frisuren 2021 bob choppy schnitt dame im schwarzen pulli minimalistisch geschminktes gesichtoutift inspo kariertes kleid dame mit kurzen blonden haare gestuft bob frisuren damen frisuren 2021 elegant geschminktes gesichtkurzhaarfrisuren mit blonden strähnen inspiration kurze haare inspiration weiße bluse trendfrisuren bob 2021 inspobraune haare mit blonden strähnen kurzhaarschnitte ideen gewellt frisuren 2021 bob inspo haarinspo schwarzes kleid mit weißen motiven

Pure coolness

casual street style inspiration eleganter trench coat raffinierte bob frisuren kurzhaarfrisuren inspirationelegante rote sonnenbrillen choppy bob dünnes haar mit pony schwarze bluse kurzhaarfrisuren bob 2021 inspirationelegantes weißes kleid mit spitze frisuren bob 2021 mit pony lachende junge frau kurze blonde haareinspiration für kurzhaarschnitte blonde haare gestuft bob frisuren damen frisuren 2021 inspo leicht gewellte haaresophia bush haarfrisur kurz inspiration braun mit blonden strähnen casual weißes t shirt outfit gestuft bob frisuren damen frisuren 2021

Choppy Bob 2021

haarfrisuren inspiration choppy bob dünnes haar kurzhaarfrisuren braune haare gewellt schwarze lederjackecasual street style blau weiße kariertes hemd frau mit kurzen braunen haaren mit blonden strähnen bob frisuren 2021dame mit kurzen blonden haaren schwarzes top kurzhaarfrisuren inspiration frisuren 2021 bob

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