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Short bob with natural curls and important styling tips

I’m sure you know the famous paradox that plagues many people.Women with straight hair want curly hair.Women with curly hair, on the other hand, are constantly straightening them.I also remember a friend from school who had beautiful curly hair.Every morning she got up earlier to straighten her hair.When asked why she didn’t like her curls, she couldn’t give me a satisfactory answer.I found this a total waste of time and absolutely unnecessary.Curly hair is beautiful.If you have curly hair and think that short hair won’t suit you, you are completely wrong here.We hope this article proves it and shows you that a short bob with natural curls is an option for you after all!Bob hairstyles are so chic and elegant after all.We’ll also give you some important tips on how to take care of your curls.

Short bob with natural curls – doesn’t it look beautiful?

bob naturlocken kurz hellbraune haare kurzhaarfrisuren lockig mit pony roter lippenstifft blauer kleid fotoshooting kurzer bob mit naturlocken

Short Bob with Natural Curls

When it comes to short bob hairstyles for curly hair, you may have lost some length,but have a lot of volume in their hair to play with.Dealing with curly hair is really very difficult at times.Therefore, it is recommended that you have your hair cut by a professional.Do not use scissors yourself!Your barber will know how to cut a short bob for curly hair better than you.So it is better not to experiment.

How do you care for curly hair?

That is an important question that we would like to answer.Those of us who have straight hair may not understand how difficult it is to take care of curly hair.Curly hair behaves differently than straight hair.It requires more moisture, less washing, and a lot more patience.Here are some curly hair care tips that you might find helpful.

Always comb your hair from the bottom up – This trick is a lot easieruntangle annoying knots instead of tearing them down.It is recommended that you use a wide-toothed comb instead of brushing your hair with a brush.Curly hair is very delicate.A wide comb is much gentler than a brush.

Trim the ends of your hair regularly – Damaged hair never looks good, and split ends make it look tousled.If you want to keep your curls healthy and fresh, you should trim the tips every 6 to 8 weeks.

Use a “cocktail” of different products – A cocktail meanssimply mixing two or more products together to achieve the desired results.This mixture could consist of smoothing serum, mousse, coconut oil and styling gel, for example.Together, these products provide maximum hold without drying out the hair.If you don’t have the patience to do this, you can just use a serum.Use 2 or 4 syringes.Apply the product with your hands to add moisture and shine to the curls.Alternatively, you can apply styling cream to the hair with wet hands.The combination of product and water ensures that the curls do not become frizzy.

Natural curls look much nicer

Shor bob model

Short Hairstyles Curls – Important Care Tips

Use a fabric softener – If hair is going through a dry phase, you shouldDO NOT overwhelm it with too many products.Regardless of whether the hair is dry or wet.So you give it extra moisture and fullness.If you find that your curls often look too dry, then you should incorporate a fabric softener into your cocktail.

Try the “pineapple trick” – Thatis a technique in which the hair is loosely tied at the top of the head.Usually before bed.This will protect the curls and help your hair retain its natural volume.Just untie the hair the next morning.It is better not to use solid hair ties.A scrunchie is preferable in this case.

Freshen the curls with a curling iron – As you may already know, you should be careful with heat.It might sound a little weird to curl curly hair.But if they have gotten way too messy and messy, the curling iron is a good idea.Choose a curling iron that is the same diameter as your curls.If you find the curls too tight, choose a larger curling iron.

Use a diffuser – Ideally, you should let curly hair air dry.If a hair dryer is required, consider using a diffuser and directing the airflow downwards.This slower, gentler method of drying hair is less disruptive to curls and reduces frizz.Don’t forget the heat protection spray.This is very important.

Short hairstyles with curls

street style stylische dame in blazer in grau und lila lockiger bob in kinnlänge naturlocken schwarze haare

Short bob with natural curls

Hands off – One of the basic rules about curling hair is that it is best to leave them alone.As mentioned before, let your hair air dry as often as possible.After drying, try to hold your curls as little as possible to keep them looking beautiful.If you need something extra, you can apply a moisturizing hair oil or hairspray.

Think About a Moisturizing Mask – Just like applying a foundation, the keys to a perfect, long lookIf the makeup look is persistent, the same goes for the hair.The preparatory process is very important in creating beautiful and smooth curls.Irrigation is undoubtedly very essential.Applying a moisturizing mask a few times a week can charm your curls and keep them healthy.After rinsing, apply the mask for a few minutes and wash off with cold water.This will help avoid frizzy hair.Cold water helps when you’ve applied a mask.

Short Hairstyles Curls

Wash your hair at leastonce a week – Of course, it all depends on the hair type here.Experts believe that women with curly thin hair could wash it more often.While those with thick hair should wash it less.However, it is recommended that you wash your hair at least once a week.

Be nice to your hair – Ok, that might sound weird.But it is true.Just like everything else in our body, our hair reacts best when we are kind to it.In other words.It’s not about taking care of your hair every now and then with the best products.It’s also about being gentle.Washing your hair shouldn’t be a pain.It should be something to look forward to.You don’t have to force wash your hair either.A gentle massage of the scalp will definitely do you good.If you take the time and be gentle with your hair, you will find that it hurts a lot less and is time consuming.Plus, your curls look and feel much better!

Natural and beautiful hair

stylishes monochromes beiges outfit pullover und hose frisuren locken kurzhaarfrisuren inspo und ideen street style inspiration

Elegant hairstyle for an elegant lady

elegantes outfit inspiration burgundenrrotes kleid schwarze runde sonnenbrillen locken bob dame mit braunen haaren

Let your curls free

sommer style inspiration rotes kleid mit blumen strohhut dame mit schwarzen haaren naturlocken frisuren inspo

We want curly hair

street style gelber schal grauer mantel kurzhaarfrisuren ideen und inspiration locken bob schwarze haare

Short bob with natural curls

frau auf einem weißen fahrrad im legeren outfit jeans und kariertes t shirt kurzhaarfrisuren locken mit blonden strähnen

Nature has done a good job here

frau mit lockigen blonden haaren bob naturlocken kurz mit pony blaue bluse kurzhaarfrisuren inspiration

Soft and beautiful curls

street style weißes hemd graue jacke elegante halskette lockige frisuren kurz inspiration kurzhaarfrisuren runde sonnenbrillen

Short curly hairstyles

inspiration ideen für lockige kurzhaarfrisuren kurze haare locken dame mit dunklen haaren weiße bluse outfit inspo

A wonderful short hairstyle with bangs

lockiger bob in kinnlänge mit pony dame mit braunen haaren kurzhaarschnitte inspiration style gelber pullover kurzer bob mit naturlocken

How do you find this oneHaircut?

schön geschminktes model mit rotem lippenstifft locken bob dunkle haare mit strähnen elegante ohrringe

Short hairstyles with curls

outfit ideen rote bluse casual style fotoshooting model mit dunklen haaren kurze haare locken ideen

This hairstyle looks so cool!

schwarzes crop top und hemd monochromes outfit inspiration kurze haare frisuren locken braun runde sonnenbrillen kurzer bob mit naturlocken

Short Bob with Natural Curls – Casual and Elegant

stylische dame jeans mit hohem bund schwarzes top hellbraune haare gewellt lockige frisuren kurz inspiration

Natural Curls Hairstyles Inspiration

mittelgroße kreolen ohrringe kurzhaarschnitt mit pony lockiger bob in kinnlänge casual outfit weiße bluse

So much inspiration

collage kurzhaarfrisuren inspiration lockige dunkle haare kurzhaarfrisuren mit locken inspiration

We really like this hairstyle

beiger oversized pullover v ausschnitt kurzhaarfrisuren locken hellbraune haare blonde strähnen kurzer bob mit naturlocken

Short hairstyles with curls

monochromes weißes outfit rock und t shrt casual style kurzhaarfrisuren mit locken braune haare lockigschwarzer rollkragen sweatshirt mit tokyo aufschrift hellbraune haare lockig naturlocken frisuren mit ponyfashion show rotes kurzes kleid mit langen ärmeln model mit kurzen haaren mit pony frisuren locken kurzmode jordan dunn weißes kleid mit spitze kurzhaarfrisuren mit locken natur schwarze haare

No words!

rote bluse mit weißen blumen frau mit grauen haaren bob naturlocken kurz kurzhaarfrisuren locken inspirationcasual style outfit jeans mit weißem top naturlocken frisuren mit pony frau mit schwarzen haaren lockig kurzer bob mit naturlockenminimalistisch geschminkte frau dunkle blus mit schleife braune lockige haare kurzhaarfrisuren mit locken inspojunge dame im gelben pullover dunkle haare mit leichten blonden strähnen naturlocken frisuren inspirationschwarze haare mit blonden strähnen inspiration haarfrisuren modern ideen kurzhaarfrisuren mit locken dame mit leich geschminktem gesicht

Street Style Perfection

street style pinkes hemd schwarze jacke lockige frisuren kurz dunkle haare mit blonden strähnenbraune haare mit blonden strähnen casual style weißes t shirt haarschnitt mit pony lockiger bob in kinnlänge inspofotoshooting nahaufnahme kurzhaarfrisuren mit pony naturlocken kurze haare locken ideen frau im weißen t shirtlanges weißes t shirt john lennon schwarz weißes foto model mit dunklen haaren kurzhaarfrisuren locken

Gorgeous curls

schön geschminkte dame casual outfit schwarze jacke kurzhaarfrisuren ideen naturlocken frisuren inspostylisches rotes kleid model dunkle haare lockig kurzhaarfrisuren locken natur inspirationschwarzes top mit spaghettiträgern kurze haare schnitte inspiration lockige frisuren kurz mit ponylegers outfit spaghettiträger top schwarz mit jeans jacke hellbraune haare locken bob haarschnitt inspiration ideen coole kurzhaarfrisuren

Short hairstyles for curly hairHair Inspiration

fotoshooting grauer pullover und jacke lockige frisuren kurz model mit schwarzen haaren kurzhaarfrisuren inspo ideen

So beautiful and natural

legeres outfit beiges croptop weiße hose elegant angezogene dame kurzhaarfrisuren mit locken inspo und ideenkurzhaarschnitte inspiration und ideen naturlocken frisuren bob haarschnitt inspiration elegante halskette weißer pullovermodel mit hell blonden haaren lockiger bob in kinnlänge frau mit blauen augen schwarzes t shirt

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