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Wellness vacation even in Corona times

The lockdown, which has existed in Germany and Austria since last November, has been extended again. Catering establishments are not allowed to serve guests and hotels are not allowed to receive tourists. There are also restrictions in South Tyrol, where the lockdown will remain in place until at least February 28th. Until then, only business travelers may be accommodated in the hotels.

Nevertheless, many people ask themselves when it will finally be possible to have a wellness holiday again, for example in a great wellness hotel in South Tyrol. The following article illuminates whether the dream of a relaxed break in Corona times can come true.

The situation in Austria

According to the current status, guests who want to arrive after the hotels in Austria are expected to open in March 2021 must be able to present a negative antigen test. At the moment, a 10-day compulsory quarantine and registration requirement must be fulfilled when entering Austria.

spa wellness wellness vacation in corona times

Before the second lockdown began, it was mandatory to wear a mask in all publicly accessible indoor areas of hotels. The catering only took place at fixed seats. In the spa, however, mouth and nose protection only had to be worn in areas where the minimum distance could not be maintained, for example in the sanitary facilities or the changing room. In the saunas, the whirlpools and pools, as well as between the loungers, the distance of one meter was essential.

The situation in Germany

Different rules apply in Germany depending on the respective federal state. However, the requirements have been even stricter in Germany since November. Guests may only stay overnight in hotels for expressly necessary, non-tourist purposes. These measures are expected to remain in place through March 7th. Entrants from Austria must adhere to a quarantine and submit a negative test.

bathroom wellness vacation in times of corona

The wellness areas will also be closed until March. Before the regulations were tightened, however, the measures were designed differently by the individual federal states. Vacationers should therefore always find out about the individual provisions of the respective hotel in advance. It is clear, however, that the minimum distance of 1.5 meters must be observed in all public areas. Steam baths and infusions are expected to remain prohibited in Germany, access to saunas and pools is restricted.

The location in South Tyrol

Another hard lockdown was imposed in South Tyrol at the beginning of February, which also includes the closure of hotels. This is expected to be maintained until February 28th. Movements between the individual communities in South Tyrol are currently only permitted for health or work reasons.

wellness vacation in corona times tips

Before this new lockdown, a mask was mandatory in all public areas of the hotels. However, natural bathing ponds, outdoor and indoor pools could still be used if the minimum distance had to be observed. Pre-registration was necessary for the use of steam baths or saunas.

Make your wellness holiday safe

The legal provisions vary depending on the respective holiday destination. Before booking, you should therefore always find out about the individual measures.

The well-being of the guests is the top priority for all hoteliers – after all, they want their guests to have a relaxing break as soon as possible. A wellness hotel in South Tyrol, Germany or Austria promises good food, exercise in the open air, relaxation in nature, lots of free space and space – everyone can certainly use this after the stressful time.

tips wellness vacation in corona times

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