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Useful Furnishing Ideas for Your New Apartment

Have you bought your first apartment and now want to furnish it? It can be an exciting, but also a difficult task. That’s why we’ve put together some useful decorating ideas and advice here to help you with this step.

Accentuate the useful furniture

empty living room with blue sofa, plants and table on empty white wall background.

Note the size of the apartment

Before you buy the furniture and appliances, you need to determine the size of the apartment. When space is limited, choose smaller, more practical pieces of furniture that save space and are multifunctional. Instead of buying a massive dining table, choose a smaller folding table or island for the kitchen that you can also eat at. Foldable chairs are also a good idea. For the small kitchen, the interior designers recommend using built-in appliances. Make optimal use of the room height and install wall cupboards.

Natural light in the room is always important

interior with a bid dining room of a modern private house

For furnishing you can also follow the current trends or a specific furnishing style. Popular styles in recent years are – Scandi Style, Hygge and Boho. Minimalism has also grown in popularity recently.

Furnish and decorate the living room

The interior of the living room depends primarily on the size of the room and your taste. Especially now, during the pandemic, you may be spending most of the day here. So think carefully about what kind of furniture you want: do you prefer a large sofa or two or three armchairs? Should there also be a dining table or a smaller, decorative tea table? If you also have a lot of books, you can buy a bookcase.

The beautiful decoration also plays an important role

interior shot of a modern house dining room with art on the wall

If the living room is big enough, opt for solid furniture that is sturdy. A good idea to make the living room (as well as the whole apartment) unique is to add some nice antiques. For more comfort you can buy a carpet. It is best to choose a high-quality wool rug. If you have young children, the carpet should also be soft.

Choose light wall colors for the bedroom

bedroom interior

Useful furnishing ideas for the bedroom

When furnishing this part of the home, there are a few things to consider as well. Of course, the focus is on the bed. It has to be comfortable enough. When choosing a suitable bed, you should consider its size. If you want to save space, buy a model with drawers. You can store extra pillows and blankets or your clothes in it. A built-in cloakroom is also very practical. If you live in a house, you can designate a separate room for clothes and shoes. The professionals suggest investing enough money in the mattress and bed. If the mattress is too soft or too hard for you, it can affect the quality of your sleep. Bed linen is also very important for a good night’s sleep. Rather choose specimens made of linen, silk, or cotton as they control body temperature better. Bamboo sheets are also a good option.

A couple of nice towels in the bathroom bring more joy!

useful furnishing ideas toweling & decoration wanapix de bathroom furnishing shower plants

Clever tips for the bathroom

The bathroom is just as important as the other rooms in the home. We can also provide useful furnishing ideas here. First, choose between a bathtub or a shower. We recommend you also have space for a small closet or shelves for your Towels & decoration to buy. In addition to towels and cosmetics, you can place small plants and other decorative elements here. This is how you make the bathroom a lot cozier. Also consider choosing a suitable floor covering. Tiles and terracotta, for example, are very easy to clean. Vinyl floors are water-resistant and withstand temperature fluctuations very well.

For the nursery, choose rich, cheerful colors

delighted female apartment owner has dreamy expression, dressed in casual clothes, sits on sofa at cozy living room, carton boxes around, thinks about good future in own rental house, looks up

Design the children’s room

What should you watch out for here? When choosing furniture, consider how much time your child or children will spend in the room. When it comes to students, consider buying a desk. It is better to choose a model with drawers where the child can put all the textbooks and exercise books. There should be enough space for the smaller children and babies to play. You can buy baskets to store the toys. A soft carpet or a full carpet are a must here. If the children’s room is not big enough for two separate beds, choose a bunk bed. Another practical furnishing idea is the loft bed. As the name suggests, this bed stands high on a frame. This leaves more free space underneath where a desk or cupboard can be placed. In terms of colors and wall decoration, you can choose colorful wallpapers or paint the walls in rich colors.

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