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Living Room in the Greenery

Those who have a terrace or balcony can spend the warm summer months outdoors. Designed with an awning, plants and matching furniture, you create an additional living space in the countryside where you can spend every free minute.

The perfect privacy and sun protection

A day on the balcony or terrace begins with a hearty breakfast. So that you can enjoy it undisturbed, there are a large number of awnings that not only protect against too bright sun rays and prying eyes, but can also be carefully selected as an additional design element. In addition to the classic awnings that cover the terrace or balcony, there are also awnings for the sides to keep the wind away. Wintec’s awning experts provide information about the different awning types and help you choose the right fabrics. You look for and find the optimal awning model for every requirement.

Privacy screen patio ideas

Balcony and terrace with lounge character

So that you can really feel at home on the terrace and balcony, you need the right furniture in addition to the perfect awning. Here, the taste of the residents determines the model and color. The days of inconspicuous folding chairs are over. Today, the terrace is given a lounge character with cozy seating areas and flat tables. Modern lounge chairs require little space and are therefore also suitable for balconies. If you like it individually, you can simply build a garden bench yourself. The flooring is also important for the feel-good atmosphere. The selection of coverings for balconies and patios is now as large as for interiors. The materials range from natural wood to stoneware to a mixture of plastic and wood fibers. “Wood Plastic Composite” is the name of the material, WPC for short. It combines the advantages of plastic and wood and is particularly easy to care for and durable.

make a garden bench yourself

flowers terrace ideas floor

Lush green for a feel-good atmosphere

The balcony and terrace are only perfect when they are framed by lush greenery. For a balcony you choose rather delicate planters, but flower boxes can be a bit lavish. Flower baskets are also good in a tight space. Larger vessels and plants can be used on the terrace. Those who prefer tropical or subtropical plants such as palm trees must also have suitable winter quarters. These plants like it warm and humid. They do not tolerate full sun and dry heat. Geraniums, on the other hand, are very heat-resistant. They bloom from May to the first frost and are ideal for flower boxes on the balcony. On the terrace in large potted plants, fragrant lilacs, hydrangeas or cherry laurel are real eye-catchers.

terrace hanging baskets terrace and balcony

Have fun with your own fruit and vegetables

In recent years, growing fruit and vegetables on the balcony and terrace has made many new friends. It is not only interesting for children to watch tomatoes ripen, for example. There are now numerous types of vegetables that are suitable for growing in pots. You can even pull fruit trees as pillars in the bucket. If you don’t have that much space, you can make do with a plant shelf placed on the wall. There is space for salads, radishes, kohlrabi or strawberries and of course herbs. Chives, parsley, thyme and lemon balm, the selection is huge and salads taste much better with fresh herbs.

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