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Cutting long hair yourself – step by step instructions

Cutting your hair yourself and looking like you’ve just come from the hairdresser, that’s what many people want. Self-cutting is a flexible and inexpensive alternative to the hairdresser. But not everyone has the patience and talent to cut their own hair. A good clipper can be very helpful here to get started.

But how do you recognize a really good clipper? What should you pay attention to before buying and what can a good hair clipper actually cost?

Try cutting the ends of your hair yourself – it’s not that difficult!

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Finding a clipper that does a really good job and also fits into your budget is not that easy. Professional hair clippers certainly have a lot to offer, but they also come at a high price. Do you really need such a hair clipper or is an inexpensive alternative absolutely sufficient? Your requirements certainly also play a major role in this regard. Find a suitable hair clipper You, if you simply compare the different models. Suitable hair clippers are available for every budget and every need, which also keep what the manufacturer promises.

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This is what you need for the DIY haircut

The temptation to cut your own hair is often very great, but so that your self-experiment does not end in disaster, it is better to keep your hands off normal household scissors. You quickly cut a point or even a hole in your hair and who always wants to have to walk around with a hat? As is customary in any trade, the right tool is often crucial so that the self-experiment can be successful. A good hair clipper with different attachments is always helpful here. You should proceed with caution in the beginning and only remove a few inches so you can still make improvements. One thing is clear, when you use a hair clipper, the haircut is always straight and you get exactly the length you want it to be.

A haircut at home costs less and is actually quite easy

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Cut tips yourself – this is how it works

A lot of people want to cut the tips themselves, because the idea is that it can not be that difficult to cut tips yourself. You should always cut your hair while it is dry and it is best to use a hair clipper, as almost nothing can go wrong with one. You should also never cut more than an inch. You will get an even cut if you work slowly with the hair clipper. Remove the attachment, turn the clipper in your hand, and carefully cut a line.

Every man should have a high quality hair clipper

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This makes the step cut a complete success

Such a Haircut becomes a piece of cake with a good hair clipper. It is advisable to add a comb to help. If you have long hair and want a layered cut, then there are a few things to watch out for. Start with the baseline at the nape of the neck. Here you should work in the first steps. Make absolutely sure that the angle is not too large. The problem that can otherwise arise is that the hair, which is in the lower part, would become too thin. The angle should always be kept narrow. Gradually work your way up to the top of your hair, but make sure that the angle becomes smaller and smaller.

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Tips for the pony cut

The bangs always catch the eye as soon as you look at a person, so they should look appealing. In order for the bangs to be perfect, it is important that the blades of your clipper are not dull, otherwise you would be more likely to tear your hair out than that creates a nice, handsome hairstyle. You can get fringed bangs if you thin out your hair a bit with the hair clipper. Simply go carefully over the bangs with this in places, but do not press too hard. This gives it a lot more texture. Of course, you can also try the so-called twist-cut technique. Similar to a step cut, this technique is easy to use with a hair clipper.

Don’t forget to always clean your hair clipper well!

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