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5 tips for furnishing the dining room: How to create cosiness

The dining room is a central point of everyday family life in many households. It is not only where family and friends eat together, but also game evenings or cozy get-togethers. In addition to a dining table and chairs, dining rooms can use other details so that they are cozy and yet functional. We give tips for setting up the dining room.

dining room furniture ideas chairs and table

The focus is on the matching dining table

No question about it: the dining table is probably the central focus of every dining room. It is therefore all the more important that it is chosen carefully and ideally meets the requirements and the purpose. Above all, should the table be easy to care for, since children live in the household? Or does it have to look stylish and be a real eye-catcher first and foremost? Should it offer enough space for family celebrations or should it be sustainably produced?

wooden table a dining room chairs

Solid wood trend: Solid wood tables are currently particularly popular, as they create a warm feeling in your own four walls. In addition, the surface is usually easy to care for and – with appropriate care – lasts a lifetime. But also tables with a stone top, e.g. B. marble can give the room a special atmosphere.

Tip: Round dining tables are particularly versatile. Because thanks to the round shape, they fit into any room and don’t take up too much space. If the table is also extendable, there is enough space for larger parties and special occasions.

Chairs for cozy hours

Of course, choosing the right seating furniture also plays a decisive role in the design of the dining room. Because in the end you will spend most of your time on it and should therefore use comfortable models that may also be suitable for your children. Comfortable armchairs invite you to spend long evenings at the table and are also well suited for younger guests. If you already have wooden chairs and don’t want to part with each other, you can use seat cushions or skins for more comfort.

dining room set up boho chairs

Trend boho: Chairs made of wickerwork and natural materials are popular, as they create a rustic yet very cozy, natural boho look.

Tip: Depending on the room, benches are also a great alternative to classic chairs. Velvet armchairs, which are particularly comfortable to sit on, are just as popular in 2021.

The ideal wall design in the dining room

When designing the wall in the dining room, it often depends on how bright the room is and whether the room is, for example, directly connected to the living room or the kitchen. Nevertheless, light shades are suitable for the wall design, as these ensure a cozy and calm ambience.

a gray wall wall design ideas

Trend colors 2021: The trend colors for 2021 range from beige and gray to beautiful pastel tones. Light pastel green, taupe or mauve are particularly suitable for the dining area.

Tip: If you still like it a little more unusual and want to create a special effect again, it is best to use beautiful photo wallpapers.

More space at the table thanks to additional storage space

In most cases, you need storage space in the dining room as well as in other rooms. Especially at game evenings, cozy dinners with friends or occasions where you have a lot of guests to visit, every centimeter counts. For example, to stow dishes and glasses, showcase cabinets are ideal. The glass doors make them airy and can also be illuminated with LED lights.

Tip: If you prefer things a little more closed, there are high or sideboards, which thanks to drawers offer additional storage space for place mats, candles and other decorative items. They are also suitable as storage space, for example to place photos or books on them.

a carpet a dining room

Textiles for individual charm

The selected textiles and other accessories are an important point when designing the dining room. This is the only way to create cosiness and cosiness in the end, in the otherwise quite functional space. A cozy feeling of living is achieved especially with napkins, place mats, a table runner or seat cushion in calm colors. If you prefer it colorful, you can use cleverly used colors to create special accents. Curtains or scarves in front of the windows also create beautiful room light and bring warmth into the room.

Tip: A soft carpet under the dining table not only ensures a nice eye-catcher and warm feet, but also ensures sound absorption, especially in large rooms.

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